Executive Coaching & Management Consulting

Major companies have long known the power of executive coaching in helping their executives reach their goals.  I want to bring the strengths and competencies of executive coaching to you and your workplace.  I have seen how effective my work can be with smaller companies since they do not have multiple layers to work through before change can be implemented.  Often, the executive coaching broadens into management consulting so that the entire system of the company can be positively impacted.

I coach in the use of Emotional Intelligence to increase business success and satisfaction by optimizing the human elements of the workplace.

Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence is a better predictor of success in the workplace than is IQ.  In fact, it is now considered the strongest indicator of success in the work world.

There are four major components of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

  • Knowing what is going on emotionally within yourself: Self-Awareness
  • Managing the emotions within yourself: Self-Management
  • Understanding what is going on emotionally within others: Social-Awareness
  • Managing relationship with others based upon that understanding: Relationship Management

In each of the above four quadrants, there are specific skills and competencies that maximize success in the workplace.

My coaching will address any and all of the areas in which you want to improve.  I will stand by you and support and challenge you as your “thought partner”.

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